Our Approach

Training Approach

We believe that continuous learning is vital in order to stay competitive in the global marketplace.  We take a multidisciplinary approach to working with our clients.  First, we seek to understand the organization and how things are done.  We ask a lot of questions.  We do this because we want to know and understand how we can really help achieve your goals.  All of this helps us start to build a framework for the training program (or issue) at question.   Once stakeholders are in agreement, we can design a solution that best fits the organization with agreed upon measureable outcomes.  This is a collaborative effort.  The above steps should lead us to successful implementation, this is where the training occurs!  Finally, we need to evaluate all of our work.

Did the training lead to successful outcomes?

Can we measure it?

Did we advance the organization?

Did we do what we said we were going to do?

We believe in applied learning that is agile and fits the needs of your organization today.

Training Modalities

Every workplace is different. Your company needs a training format that fits around your schedule, your employees, your environment, and will create the highest level of learning impact. ETI can offer training in the following modalities:

Face-to-face classroom instruction

On the job training facilitation

1-1 coaching for frontline employees

C-suite coaching

Train the trainer

Cascade learning

Self paced e-learning

Video training

Inbox exercises

Pre- and post- work