Customized Solutions

[framedbox title=”Each company is unique, and solutions should be no different.”]

ETi’s corporate college program is not a random collection of generic courses. It brings customized, for-credit associate degree programs to you, at your place of business. We carefully consider your business objectives as we design each course, directly integrating your business’s goals. Your return-on-investment may be far greater than you ever anticipated. Employees will build individual and organizational competencies, directly impacting your corporate performance.

Customized training helps your employees learn skills that are used in their particular job and workplace.  We design workshops, training and programs to address the unique concerns of each organization.  Our field subject matter experts will help to craft a clear training path that is wired into your corporate goals – and truly effective.

Customized solutions may also include a variety of wrap around services that support training and allow organizations to get more impact from their programs:

  • Pre and post assessment
  • Pre and post assignments
  • Online support/review modules
  • 1-1 coaching
  • C-suite coaching
  • On the job training facilitation
  • Action group guidance
  • Analytics and ROI reporting
  • Business evaluations outside of training departments
  • On-boarding process creation & facilitation
  • Succession planning process creation & facilitation


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