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What we do

What is Contract Education?

The Education Training Institute (ETI) at San Diego Continuing Education is a in a unique position to assist businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public entities with customized education and training for employees and/or clientele. Contract education services represent an entrepreneurial response to industry and employer needs to impact the success of regional businesses and other organizations the employ workers or train clients.

Customized training through Contract Education provides local businesses with employee education and training that meets specific and immediate needs. Educational opportunities range from short-term training seminars to long-term training programs.

ETI provides assistance and customized training support to employers and organizations that are increasing productivity. Plus, ETI works with organizations that workforce training and related skills (including English language instruction and soft skills trainings, such as customer service) to employers and organizations that facilitate the professional and personal growth of their clients.

Why does Contract Education matter?


ETI delivers training programs for both future and current workers to prepare them to be competitive in the application of emerging technologies. Many businesses and organizations need assistance in developing corporate cultures that unleash the creative genius of the workers, give them new tools to increase productivity and improve the quality of products and processes.

Contract education services represent an entrepreneurial response to industry and employer needs to impact business. ETI takes deliberate efforts to reduce program costs to offer our partners the most competitive rates for education and training needs.

Steps for Success


Continuous learning is vital to stay competitive in the global marketplace. We take a multidisciplinary approach to working with our clients. First, we seek to understand the organization and how things are done. We ask a lot of questions. We do this because we want to know and understand how we can really help achieve your goals. All of this helps us start to build a framework for the training program (or issue) at question. When stakeholders are in agreement, we design a solution that best fits the organization with agreed upon measureable outcomes. This is a collaborative effort. The above steps should lead us to successful implementation, this is where the training occurs. Finally, we need to evaluate the work.

We believe in applied learning that is agile and fits the needs of are not satisfied until our clients are satisfied! According to California Education Code Section 78020, "Contract education means those situations in which a community college district contracts with a public or private entity for the purposes of providing instruction or services or both by the community college."

ETI aims to "work systematically with collaborative partners and companies to strengthen the organization's effectiveness, competitiveness,and profitability through education, training, and services that contribute to continuous workforce improvement." (California Education Code Section 66010.43) With unparalleled access to curriculum and subject matter experts, flexible scheduling and delivery formats, plus projects managed through one consistent source, ETI manages a wide scope of projects for a business of any size or industry.

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