“Retaining and Managing the Millennial Generation” – a Workshop for HR Professionals & Managers


As millennial workers now make up the majority of our workforce as of 2015, they are bringing exciting new skills and aptitudes to companies, as well as distinct HR and management challenges. Attend this workshop to learn how to maximize the strengths and contributions of your millennials, and learn how your current HR practices can be tweaked and updated in order to work with a multi-generational workforce.  Specifically we will cover:


  • How to motivate millennials and other multi-generational employees to increase productivity, engagement and loyalty
  • As an HR professional, how to take new supervisory strategies back to your team and share with leaders & managers
  • Which of the 8 different ways do you think and process information to make completing and delegating work easier


Jennifer Hamilton has over 20 years of business, team management and teaching experience ranging from consulting at Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC) and Moss Adams, to teaching and training professionals on behalf of the California Department of Education, DeVry University’s Becker CPA Review, and Grossmont College. As CEO of the Institute for Mastering Success, she escalates teams by training on the art and science of relationships between managers and their staff within professional and technical fields.


October 27, 2015

7:30-8am breakfast

8:00 – 10:00am workshop

Corporate Education Center

1551 C Street, San Diego CA 92101

Building # MS-162


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Creating Success in Your Succession Planning

Attend this session to learn the business value of planning a new talent benchstrength strategy or enhancing current talent strategy. Discover what sports teams and coffee beans can teach us about succession planning. Play the Talent Benchstrength matching game to review the similarities and differences between high performers, high potentials, successors, and key experts. View succession planning as a critical risk management business function, and obtain ideas to identify succession development actions to close competency gaps and increase successor readiness. Specifically you will….

1. Learn how to help managers more accurately identify top talent groups, such as successors, high performers, high potentials and key experts.

2. Learn how to identify qualified successors and future-gap successors based on qualification strengths and gaps rather than the “ready 1-2 years” approach to increase successor selection validity, readiness and results.

3. Obtain unique and humorous analogies to help business leaders truly understand the talent review process and succession planning is all about.

4. Those attending who have a PHR, SPHR or GPHR certification can receive 1 hour of continuing education credit as an approved event through the Human Resource Certification Institute.

Doris Sims, SPHR, has worked with organizations of all types in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia to assist in measuring talent review and succession processes. Doris is the author of The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management, a top selling succession book on, and has contributed to several other books and periodicals on the topic. In 1996, Doris received the Outstanding Performers in Training Management award, in the category of “Establishing a New Training Function,” from Lakewood Publications. Doris’ talent management work as a practitioner at Caremark was also featured in a Corporate Leadership Council best practices publication.

May 19, 2015
Corporate Education Center

1551 C Street, San Diego CA 92101

Building # MS-162