Organizational Development

[framedbox title=”What is Organizational Development?”]
Organizational Development is a suite of disciplines that can make any organization more effective and efficient. Think of it as organization alignment.

ETi can help you retool systems, refine processes, and rethink structures that will result in the conservation of human, fiscal, and production resources.

It all shows up on the bottom line.


[accordion title=”Organizational Assessment“]

Get answers to these important questions:

» What percentage of your customers are satisfied?

» What percentage of your employees are satisfied?

» What percentage of your employees are operating at optimum potential?

» How do you stack up against your competitors in the marketplace?

ETi partners with you to design tools that take the measure of your organization, using customized surveys or data drawn from the use of standard instruments.

Assessment is at the core of ETi’s approach to creating your organization’s profile.


[accordion title=”Leadership Cultivation“]

With ETi’s preparation, your leadership talent can confidently take on the challenges ahead.

Your Current Leaders

ETi arms them with processes that allow them to build on their strengths, helping them meet challenges creatively, as part of your team.

Your Leadership Team

ETi works with you to assess your level of leadership teamwork, to identify how your leaders work together, and to cultivate a culture of teaming that permeates the organization.

Emerging Leaders

Do you have talent you can tap within your organization? ETi has methodologies that assist in identifying that potential, and methodologies for creating an environment that fosters growth of leadership talent.

Coaching Each Individual Leader

ETi helps you identify and enlist prospective leaders, assess leadership styles, and identify areas for development. An ETi coach meets with each individual, working to achieve defined goals that create his or her future as well as the future of your organization.