What’s your organization’s strategy for succession planning?

It’s a fact.  Employees will retire.  Life takes an unexpected turn, whether it be a new life or caring for someone at the end of their life, people need to take an extended leave of absence.  Big and small companies alike have to deal with these realities.  We want our employees to have the flexibility to be there for the events that happen in their lives but we also realize that their absence does have an effect on the business.

There’s also a rumor that baby boomers are about to retire…in a big way.  When high-value employees retire there’s a great deal of company knowledge, talent and experience that goes with them.  Many organizations are asking the question, “Do we have qualified individuals that can jump into the critical roles we need them to fill?”

If these are questions your organization is starting to ask, or has been asking then please join us on May 19th as Doris Sims, author and expert in talent and succession management, dives into the succession planning process and how we can help companies be prepared.

We would love to hear from you – what’s been your most successful strategy for succession planning in your organization?